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Showing an interesting mix of ancient tomato phenotypes, this quirky little Peruvian landrace tomato is likely pre-columbian in origin, and was first brought to the northern hemisphere in 1938, after being purchased from a market in Arequipa, Peru. The mix of very fluted pumpkin cherries and various sizes of round and flattened cherries implies these are tomatoes that have not changed in many hundreds of years, as does its fantastic foliage which reminds me of other pre-columbian tomatoes from the south. The strong flavor is good in salads and the skins are crack resistant although on the thick side. The fully indeterminate vines produce abundantly until frost but are somewhat susceptible to certain fungal diseases. If the evolution of the tomato as a food crop fascinates you, Tocan is for you, being a still-shot of the genetic development which occurred many generations ago. Indigenous landraces need to be preserved, for the sake of our history providing a strong  and delicious foundation for our future.