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One of the earliest of all heirlooms at 50 days to maturity (DTM) after transplant, and with excellent strong flavor too, Stupice hails from 1940s Czechoslovakia, developed by the renowned Czech tomato breeder Jaroslav Homola. Descendant from a three way cross between Mikado, Sláva Porýni, and a rare race of Solanum pimpinellifolium that used to be called “Solanum racermigerum,” they are technically both heirloom and part wild at the same time. The potato leaved plants remain manageable and squat so they are easy to stake when they are loaded down with ripening fruits, and unlike many other early tomatoes, is fully indeterminate so they continue to produce for the rest of the season. They are meaty enough for any purpose and just the right size to make them easy to process. Stupice is perhaps the most preferred of all early tomatoes.