Sophie’s Choice


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If you want a full flavored heirloom dwarf with large slicers produced early in abundance, then this unfortunately named tomato classic is for you. Sophie’s Choice is now one of my favorite container tomatoes, and would be ideal for more northern growers as well since they were some of the first ripe in the garden at around 55 days. The fruits have high edibility with strong tomato flavors and almost a hint of plum. The plants are certainly some of the least hardy around requiring containerized growth in a compost based medium, and consistent
watering. When they are given the correct treatment, Sophie’s Choice will be mostly fruits by weight and volume, and only have a sparse amount of foliage considering the load. If you are confined for space or time and still want something larger than a cherry I can’t think of anything better. The plants top out at around 15-20 inches. It’s nice to have something this large so early. Originally a family heirloom from Alberta, Canada. About 15 seed per packet.