Red Brandywine


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Older than the famous Pink Brandywine sold across the USA, this less known Red Brandywine is the original, named after the Brandywine River of eastern Pennsylvania, it is the only Brandywine tomato to have documented Amish history, which can be dated back to the 1880s, but is probably even older. Superior to Pink Brandywine in production, disease resistance, crack resistance, and catfacing/splitting, they tend to be more beautiful and abundant tomatoes than any other brandywine. Nearly every fruit is identical, round and large with small flower scars. Perhaps it is their local adaptation from centuries back that gives them such a good record in my garden. The thick flesh is good in salsas or sauces, with a flavor you would expect from a tomato who’s history spans nearly 200 years. The regular leaf foliage is thick on gigantic vines that reach up to 6-7 feet before the end of the season, perfect for gardens in Pennsylvania and southward.