Green when Ripe

Queen Aliquippa


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This is Queen Aliquippa, named after the last matriarch of my people to live within the hills of my birthplace. She was Mingo Seneca meaning that her people had been assimilated into mine, and at one time were a separate nation.

Queen Aliquippa is a midseason, pear shaped, green when ripe tomato. Considering the slim chances of finding this phenotype from the original cross, I am lucky to find it at all, let alone a plant that was so vigorous and productive in the face of foliar and vascular fungal diseases. Most fruits are a clear green although once in a while they are produced with a red blush at the blossom end. The texture is perfect and the flavors range from well balanced to sweet and fruity, a real winner in the taste department. The indeterminate vines reach out to about 7 feet by the end of the season with large potato leaves. Ongweh Ias is the mother, another cultivar of mine. About six seeds per packet.