Punta Banda


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The best performance for the year 2011 in terms of drought tolerance, production, and plant vigor. Formidable against the “stinkbugs”. This tomato gets its name from the place of its origin, Punta Banda, which can be found within the Baja California peninsula, Mexico. Some say it makes a good snacking or salad tomato, and although that may be the case, Punta Banda excels at paste making. There is virtually no seedcavity in this tomato! No juice! Punta Banda is technically a semi-determinate that will fruit until late summer. The fruit is high in lycopene and the flavor is to par with many reds, easily better tasting than Manzano or Amish paste. Irrigation can dramatically reduce production, as it is best to grow this one without watering. At least 25 seeds per packet.