Machu Picchu


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From the ancient city above the clouds, Machu Picchu, This Inca descendant, precolumbian heirloom is a fantastic producer of strings of large red salad tomatoes with gigantic dinosaur potato leaf foliage. The translucence of the vascularity as well as truss pattern and locule formation make me think there is some ancient Solanum Pimpinellifolium introgression in its ancestry, which would make sense considering the location of origin. It is rare to find an heirloom this old which can stand up to disease and produce alongside modern hybrids and stand its ground, such as Machu Picchu. They make one of the best tomatoes for juicing, because even when canned they retain a fresh refreshing flavor to be enjoyed on ice in the heat of summer. Another example of Andean tomato excellence.