Kamatis Tagalog


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Kamatis Tagalog is a pink fluted heirloom tomato from the Philippines. Although it is unclear how these tomatoes were originally introduced to the land there in the asian pacific (perhaps by spanish or indigenous humans on boats, or perhaps a combination of tortoises transporting the seeds in their guts and the humans domesticating them afterwards), we know them today named after the indigenous people to the land who to my knowledge cultivate them to this day (Kamatis means tomato in the Tagalog language).

This is an ideal sauce tomato for regions afflicted with drought and heat. The fruit setting persists into temperatures over 105 degrees F. The texture is perfect for cooking down, and the flesh color is so dark when fully ripe that they almost look red. The skins can be on the thick side, which can be used to the sauce makers’ advantage if scalding the skins to peel them.