IPK LYC 859 El Salvador


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The fruitiness of tomato is often underplayed in the flavors of ancient heirlooms from south of the Rio Grande. Such is not the case in these heirloom paste/saladette tomatoes from El Salvador. The flavor is similar to Grungy in the Sky Bicolor, an incredible fusion of intense sweet and sour, with floral undertones and perfect levels of umami. When the flesh has been cooked down into paste, the condensed sugars and tomato essence make you understand how a tomato like this can be saved for so many centuries. The regular leaf plants produce many suckers and should not be pruned as they are required for ample production. There is excellent disease resistance considering the age of the cultivar, although late blight still can kill them before frost, septoria and early blight are not a problem at all. With a strawberry shape to win your heart, and a gigantic flavor packed into such a small package, who could resist this feat of indigenous tomato breeding? At least 20 seeds per packet.