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An heirloom from Huando farm in the Chaancay valley of Lima, Peru, Huando was first brought to the USA in 1974, but most likely is descendant from a mixing of european selected tomatoes brought with spanish occupiers with those grown by indigenous farmers within the past century. Huando is one of the best red slicer tomatoes, a fantastic beefsteak with uniformly round an oval fruits, with no cracking and minimal catfacing. The flavor an texture are next to perfection and the production is better than average. The regular leaf foliage is a bright green, on compact indeterminate vines which reach a length of 4-4.5 feet, and produce very few suckers. Palmira’s Northern Italian Beefsteak, Red Brandywine, and Huando are the three best red round slicing tomatoes I have had the pleasure to grow. I hope you give them all a try.