Georgia Southern Collards


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Collards are flat leaf cabbages, since all brassicas (cabbage, collards, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, romanesco, rapini) are races of the same species. Collards have a stronger flavor, more nutrition and can be harvested for single servings at a time, all due to the fact that they do not curl into a head. Being biennial, you can harvest your collard greens all through the fall into the winter, and if you leave enough for the plant to survive into spring, you can continue harvesting into the summer as the tall yellow flowers begin to emerge. The second year when they go to seed, they are as tall as me, a pillar of canary yellow buzzing with multiple species of pollinators. I would probably still grow them just for the flowers if nothing else. Georgia collards have been selected for high quality flavor while maintaining strong heat and cold tolerance. In PA its not hard to get these to volunteer, in one area I have had collards without planting for 4 consecutive years. at least 35 seeds per packet.