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He never got any smurfs so I thought I would give that old psychopathic wizard a tomato. There is a nice mix of recessive and dominant traits including anthocyanin foliage which all will give attractive appearances on a backdrop of regular red flesh and L. pimpinellifolium (wild currant tomato) genetics. The flavor is impressive for an anthocyanin tomato of its darkness, as many lack the rich tomato flavor common to most heirlooms.

The most impressive aspect of the fruit in functional terms is the ease of storage, as it takes well over a month, sometimes two, before the fruits show signs of severe aging. When stored in a cool dark environment they will last in relatively unchanged condition until you are ready to eat them.  Gargamel was one of the earliest plants of 2014, but by far was the most lovely considering the deep purple stems and slightly wispy regular leaf foliage spaced distantly to expose the clusters of striped anthocyanin heart shaped saladettes. Indeterminate and fungal disease resistant. At least 6 seeds per packet.