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It is exciting to be the first within the northern hemisphere of the Earth to offer this ancient heirloom landrace of tomatoes, as they are descendant from indigenous Andean heirloom tomatoes, hailing from Chincha Peru. The flavor is strong and sweet with musky undertones and a slight umami that really carries over well when cooked. The resistance to disease is above average, a surprise considering its age, and lack of exposure to modern pathogens. The regular leaf foliage is born on sprawling vines that will grow until killed by frost, being fully indeterminate. Some of the cherry sized fruits are large enough to call a salad tomato, whereas some are very small, the size of a quarter. Some of the fruits are born with pleating like a miniature pumpkin, some are completely round, some are flattened, and some have a slight nipple on the blossom end. Seeing the range of expressions from an ancient heirloom landrace is much more exciting that uniformity, as well as providing potential to adapt to future changes in environment. This is the way we are supposed to keep seeds, in communities, not single inbred lines.