Harvest Time

Mantis warrior protecting my Onodowaga Bird Egg beans.

Oneo Onodowaga being rescued from extinction.

Native pollinators vastly outnumber honeybees this year. Please stop spraying poisons.

Mandan corns are beautiful.

Someone is playing peekaboo behind the bean flower.

Esgo:ge’ae’ Oneo. see you again next year.

Corn rains into empty barrels and will not be strong or yield when mistreated or disrespected. The Corn Maiden is a reminder of the spirit of the seed, a reminder we are what we eat.

Here is a new forum for those who are here to heal themselves and the spirit of the seed. There is space for recipes, medicine, seed swaps, questions and advice. The only thing I ask as moderator is that those who wish to participate act with respect. I will be posting photos from the farm and breeding/preservation efforts. I hope I see your garden treasures there also!

The Corn Maiden


Summer-Fall 2011

Yellow Brandywine with yellow striping.

PA native bee eating Peru native pollen.

Purple smudge, Japanese black trifele, Cherokee purple, and Nyagous.

lots of anthocyanin in this F2 line.

comparing the F2’s to purple calabash and sungold F2’s with the beta-carotene rather than the delta I also saw in that line.

showing stripes even when ripe.

This purple potato leaf variety was selected for flavor first, plant health second, and appearance was last on the list. Although that was the case, the leaves turn a lovely shade of purple in cool weather, and they even have a slight anthocyanin shoulder on the fruit, which are also a deep maroon/purple with chlorophyll striping that was on 1/3 of the F2 generation. The brandywine, yellow brandywine, kentucky beefsteak, caspian pink, and purple smudge are all dying of blight right now, but these beefsteaks in the same LB ridden bed have little to no sign of disease.

short corn this year. maybe it was becuase of how little sun and how cool it was this year, or maybe it was my late start.

Ironweed went from dandelion-level commonality to threatened/endangered in my lifetime. please watch out for our surviving wildflowers and medicines.

Spring 2011

March 2011
seed bed march 2011
last years mulch, about to be mulched, march 2011
groundhog heaven, march 2011
garlic in an herb bed/march 2011
and it begins! over 230 tomatoes in all this year. march 2011
got the greenhouse up, early april 2011
pleated swarm seedlings (first year potato leaf came out of this line) , april 2011
spring has sprung, and the grasses are starting to get tall, april 2011
first new hill dug this year. one man, one shovel, half an hour, and you have a three sisters mound that will never need to be dug for the rest of eternity. 10 corn plants 15 beans 3 squash and one tomato per hill. april 2011