Looking back

Many indigenous cultivars of staple foods are preserved and restored with the proceeds from the wind powered Good Mind Seeds catalog. They are then distributed to the communities which they are culturally significant.

Seneca Bird Egg beans are very productive, and beautiful.

Blue Shackamaxon are Lenni Lenape beans which go from red to purple as they dry down.

cornplanter purple is a purple podded black bean.

beans on tipis do well in hexagonal patterns which leave enough room to crawl between for harvest.

Ga Ga Hut is a Seneca Pinto bean from Ohi:yo.

Seneca Cornstalk bean was called poop in german by amish settlers. i prefer the original name.

Deseronto potato bean is a mohawk bean that tastes very good.

Skunk beans are the same kind as chester and flagg but skunk is the real name. it is mohawk, like the word skunk before it was adopted in english.

seneca corn and beans

new GWR and white tomatoes for the 2015 catalog.